Virtual Testing Software for the World’s Most Advanced Materials

MultiMech is a multiscale finite element software platform that helps companies virtually predict failure in advanced materials at an unprecedented level of speed and accuracy.

Our TRUE Multiscale technology, embedded within MultiMech, extends the flexibility and robustness of Finite Element modeling down to the microstructural level, strongly coupling the macro and micromechanical response and integrating materials engineering to part design.

1,000x FASTER

than traditional multiscale FE2


drives critical performance insights for engineers


in time and cost

“MultiMechanics allows us to understand our materials on a deeper level, expedite our material development process, and enter into new markets that we didn’t think were possible.

When it comes to multiscale analysis and bottom-up prediction of complex materials, MultiMechanics has no peers.”

Account for manufacturing variability and imperfections to maximize product reliability
Zoom into the material microstructure to identify the root cause of failure and see how damage mechanisms affect structural performance
Optimize the material microstructure for the most cost-efficient performance
Create and test new and existing composites, including (but not limited to) woven, braided, particulate, and continuous fibers
MultiMech Standalone

Full implicit and explicit TRUE Multiscale FEA package

MultiMech for ANSYS

Intuitive TRUE Multiscale FE analyses within ANSYS/Workbench

MultiMech for Abaqus

Intuitive TRUE Multiscale FE analyses within Abaqus

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