Computational Geometry Software Engineer

We’re looking to add a Computational Geometry Software Engineer to our team.  A knowledgeable and experienced engineer will help us keep developing state-of-the-art algorithms applied to critical software features, including automatic generation of microstructural models, meshing, and collision detection. Ingenuity and attention to detail are must-have qualities to ensure resulting models are as realistic as possible.


  • Develop algorithms to virtually recreate the world’s most complex materials
  • Develop next-generation collision detection algorithms for 3D objects
  • Develop meshing algorithms to speed up model pre-processing
  • Develop Python plugins to export CAD models to 3rd-party tools
  • Develop 3D rendering capabilities to better display models and results
  • Liaise with our Customer Success manager to attend to customer needs
  • Work closely with our DevOps Engineer to automate as much testing as possible
  • Work closely with GUI Software Developer to incorporate 3D rendering improvements
  • Update related internal and external documentation
  • Collaborate with external partners and IT service providers
  • Other job-related duties as may be assigned as needed


  • Experience developing Computational Geometry algorithms
  • Experience in C++ and Python
  • Knowledge of Computer Graphics(e.g. OpenGL)
  • Experience with CAD/CAM/CAE Software Development is desirable
  • Experience with Qt is desirable
  • Experience with Atlassian’s tools is a plus (e.g. Bamboo, Bitbucket, etc


If you’re interested in this role, please send us an email – [email protected] — with your resume and a note explaining why you’d be a good fit for this role and for MultiMechanics.

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